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Education Grant Support

Posted: 26-03-24

Applications are now open for the CISWO Education Grant to help support former mineworkers and their dependent children with the costs of higher education.

This includes full-time courses in higher education such as degree courses, and Higher National Diplomas.

Eligible applicants include those who were employed in the coal mining industry of Great Britain where they have completed the required length of service and dependant children of such former employees, where they are financially dependant on parents. Eligibility is based on need, with grants only being offered to those families where there is demonstrable low income. Students who are dependant children must be over 17 years old, and under 25 years old at the start of the academic year for which the grant is required.

All applications must be made between 1 March 2024 and 1 December 2024 for courses starting in September 2024 using a CISWO Education Grant application form.

Please contact for an application form and further guidance.